Do you dream of making your ideas come true through fashion? Do you want to have your own clothing brand? Then you’re probably already thinking about studying Fashion Design.

Fashion design is a career that sometimes is not well understood and many people think that those who study this degree are doomed to not find work in Mexico, but the reality is completely different, and so today we invite you to learn what is the working field of this career:

Fashion Design: What is it about?

Fashion design is the application of the principles of art and design to the clothes and accessories that people wear. Fashion is designed taking into account the cultural and social context, time and place where they are created and used.

This career is an excellent option for innovative and creative minds who seek to realize their ideas through the use of fabrics and various materials. This discipline is not limited to the creation of accessories and clothing but is part of a whole industry that impacts society every day.

Studying Fashion Design gives you the necessary tools to analyze the global market and adapt your product to their needs and preferences. In addition, you will be able to create garments that people will use to express who they are through their clothing.

Being a fashion designer is much more than just knowing how to sew, and with a career with so many aspects comes a wide field of work:

What is the working field of fashion design?

Here we mention some of the more conventional jobs for those studying this career:

Working in retail

Big fast fashion companies like Zara, H&M and Forever 21 are always looking for new talent to join their team.

Whether as a designer, researcher or purchasing expert, fashion designers have many opportunities to explore and apply all their knowledge in the global marketplace.

Create a new company and your own brand

If you dream of having your own brand and making all your ideas come true, studying fashion design will help you get the tools you need to start your own business.

Don’t worry about starting locally, most of the well-known designers started with small boutiques. Over the last few years the local market has gained a lot of recognition and fashion designers have a greater impact on the local economy.

You can also use the internet and social networks, the best showcases to show the world the talent you have and the beauty of your sewing.

Market Research

It doesn’t have to be all catwalks and magazines, which is why you can also find fashion designers in the marketing, research and analysis of trends and consumer behaviour departments.

Working in the area of fashion research and trends will allow you to get involved with great brands, fashion lovers and help you gain a deeper understanding of the industry, while having the opportunity to work in a well paid position.

Journalism and fashion magazines

Whether as an editor, publisher or stylist, there is always room for designers in this type of publication.

Fashion journalism is much more than just talking about fashion and trends in clothing and accessories, it is also about reflecting and reporting on the role of this discipline in society and how it impacts on social and cultural issues.

Working with an established fashion brand

One of the great advantages of studying to become a fashion designer is that it gives you the option of working and becoming part of the team of a world-renowned firm such as Versace, Gucci or YSL, to name a few.

Just like in fast fashion, the big fashion houses are always looking for fresh talent to fill their designs with vitality and innovate in this discipline. An example of this is the recent addition of Virgil Abloh as the head of the men’s division at Louis Vuitton. Perhaps you can become the most sought-after designer in the haute couture houses.

And finally, you might not want to create or belong to a big company, there are also things you can do, like being a personal consultant or stylist, or creating your own fashion blog.

As you can see, the Fashion Design career is full of incredible opportunities to exploit your creative potential and conquer the world by dedicating yourself to what you love most: fashion.