Characteristics of the urban style

Before talking about combinations and how to get this style of dressing you must know if your look is urban or not, these are some of the characteristics:

  • It’s composed of four pieces. They are: cap or hat, t-shirt/sweatshirt/jacket, trousers and shoes. In winter you can add a scarf and a coat.
  • Bright colors are used, mixing with some neutral tone to make it stand out.
  • It is a very youthful style where comfort predominates when dressing.
  • It mixes textures and materials.
  • Accessories such as caps, balaclavas, sunglasses, among others, are used.
  • Clothes are combined with sport shoes. They can be of different colors or classic white.

The urban style is based on the use of bomber jackets, torn jeans and T-shirts with fun prints within a logical combination. Complements such as scarves and vests are also featured in this style. Not everyone who bets on this look looks the same, the idea is not to be uniform, so you can look unique by showing some of your personality when you dress.

If you are one of those who bet on this style, you must be clear that blazers, suits and clothing do not fit this look. Although being faithful to a fashion style does not mean breaking the dress code, you must adapt to every occasion.

Color combination for urban clothes

Every time we dress, we do our best to make the colors we wear match, or, if they are opposites, look good. But have you thought about whether for each style there are specific shades that enhance it? As far as urban clothes are concerned, there are shades that help to achieve this.

To look good in these colors it is important to know the theory of color matching. To combine clothes as a fashion specialist you should base yourself on one of these three chromatic proposals:

  • Similar colors: we achieve a combination of similar colors when we dress in similar shades. That is, a dark blue with a sky one; a beige with a brown one.
  • Opposite colors: also called complementary colors are those that are in opposite poles in the color palette: yellow and blue, green and pink.
  • Combination of three colors: to make this combination you must choose a shade of each of the basic colors. For example, an orange with purple and green.

This is the basics for matching the colors of your clothes. Now we’ll show you how to apply it to a street or urban style look. This way you will be able to look like an expert in this kind of clothes.

Achieve the right contrast

If you want a look of opposite colors focus on the sweatshirt or the t-shirt and the pants. These should be in totally different shades. You can wear a black Carhartt pant and a white top. It’s a very classic combination, not at all risky and you’re sure to look good in it.

Also, black is a staple of Street Style. Prefer it on lower garments like jeans, chinos, jogger or dress (if you are a woman). Although, we must recognize that in the jackets it looks great and in one or another combination where the shirt is the one who wears this tone.

We must also tell you that you don’t have to hold on to black. There are other colors so dark that they can replace it. But always follow this rule if you wear dark pants that have a light top or vice versa. If you choose this option, always bet on opposite colored pieces in the color circle. And focus on highlighting only one of the four parts that make up the urban outfit.

Monochromatic look

On the other hand, if you like to dress in a more conventional and less risky way, preferring a monochromatic look, you should familiarize yourself with the colors. Achieving a combination with similar tones is very similar to making a gradient.

Although white is another basic tone of the urban style, this one is not very noticeable in the outfits because its function is mostly complementary. As it is a neutral color, it works as a joker in the closet of those who prefer street clothes. Unless you include it in the bottom of the outfit or wear it in a total White.

How to achieve an urban style in dressing

The choice of clothes for an urban look is a little less complicated than for the rest of the styles. The urban stands out for its simplicity. It is a mixture of basic, very urban garments, such as jackets, jackets, trousers, sportswear and sneakers like the Nike Vapor MaxPlus. These are very easy to combine with other clothes.

What also makes it easy to combine urban wear is that fabrics are usually monochromatic. Although stripes and checks may be worn, these are not predominant in the attire. It is usually worn in blocks of colors, whether they are similar or opposite.

The colors that should not be missing from your wardrobe are black, white and blue, especially the dark one. These will make it easier to combine striking shades. As far as fabrics are concerned, cotton is the favourite, it is ideal for the hot months. However, this does not mean that you cannot wear your favorite look in the cold months. To do this, wear jackets, sweaters and dress in layers to keep your body warm.